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Hi, I’m Serena Sandstrom.

I’m a SUCCESS AND BUSINESS COACH for driven and passionate female coaches and consultants.

I help these women who are running a soul based business get out of their own way and become CONFIDENT, FEARLESS and DYNAMIC LEADERS for their business and life. We do both the inner work (think flow, confidence, great boundaries, wealth consciousness, overcoming money blocks and more) and the outer business structures and marketing and sales strategies that are required to build and run a 6-figure coaching or consulting business.

In our work together my clients achieve complete new levels of FOCUS, CONTROL, CLARITY and BALANCE and of course the final result of all of this is that THEY MAKE THINGS HAPPEN AND MAKE GREAT MONEY FROM THEIR BUSINESS. 

We also PACKAGE YOUR EXPERTISE INTO COMPELLING OFFERINGS that your dream clients will love, GET YOU GETTING PAID YOUR TRUE WORTH and CREATE A HIGHLY CONVERTING LEAD FUNNEL that brings you a constant stream of new clients.

If you’re totally passionate about your business or business idea and have decided to claim your dream business and life, but you’re currently spinning in your wheels, overwhelmed, frustrated and not making the money from your business that you desire, then reach out to me and we’ll get you started with one of my signature programs for early stage coaches.



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