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Hi Gorgeous!

A month or so ago I was in a weekend training with one of my mentors, Joe Pane, and I was in a middle of a key business decision that I had made…and then un-made (if that’s even a word!?) several times over. My hubby had been the witness for this “decision making conversation” in my head all the week leading to this training too and let’s just say I was a little frustrated with not knowing which way to go.

When Joe starting taking us through these 5 Steps to Successful Decision Making and we got to Step #5 it was suddenly so clear what I needed to do. It gave me the confirmation and confidence to finally make the decision and stick with it (which I did btw!) and to know that even if it was a little risky short term decision, it was absolutely the right long term decision.

As always, I’m of course sharing these steps with YOU, so here they are.


1. The Branson Questions (Sir Richard Branson that is)

  • What’s the worst case scenario?
  • If the worst case scenario was to present itself, could you handle it?


If the answer to both of these questions is Yes, then the decision is one to go ahead with.

A while ago when Richard Branson was asked how he was able to take so many risks he replied that he had never taken a real risk in his life, because he only took risks where he was okay with the worst case scenario. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t do it. I just loved this, because it’s another example how the quality of our life is the quality of the meaning we give things.


2. The Malcolm Gladwell Measure (he wrote Outliers and Blink)

How many times have you sat with a decision, trying to align all of your ducks and listing all the pros and cons and still not being able to make a decision? Here’s the thing – successful people only need 50-70% of the details to make a decision. 


3. Speed Matters

Successful people also make decisions quickly and change their mind slowly.


4. Be careful of your emotions

Successful people in fact don’t make decisions with their emotions. And with this I mean fear based emotions. The #1 reason I hear from new clients coming to work with me about why they are not making great decisions (hint- moving forward) is because they are afraid to move to action, to commitment and responsibility, for the fear of leaving their old world and perceived safety behind. To them staying the same is less scary than changing and growing. Think about it though! Isn’t settling and staying the same wayyyy more scary than living life to its full capacity…with it’s challenges and all?!?. Staying the same, for all successful, people is the ultimate fear.

Successful people use a level of fear as a measure of living a full life!


5. Decions have to be made with your outcome in mind

This was the game changer for me. To make decisions with the end result in mind. Not what might be safest option right now…but what do you need to do to get to your vision? This is also important because who you are being today shapes who are going to be tomorrow…and in 5 or 10 years time.


Now it’s over to you lovely. I want to know:


  • What’s one decision that you’ve been putting off that you can now make?
  • What will that mean to you and others?
  • And what will this give to you and others?

Enjoy the new level of confidence and clarity in making decisions for your life and business

Hugs xo

FREE MINI COURSE: 10 Days to Consistent Coaching Clients & Big Juicy Pay Days! Learn how I booked 24 discovery calls in just 7 days.

Serena Sandstrom is a Success and Business Coach for Coaches and Consultants.

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