FREE MINI COURSE: 10 Days to Consistent Coaching Clients & Big Juicy Pay Days! Learn how I booked 24 discovery calls in just 7 days.


Are you a female coach, consultant or creative dreaming of being able to attract high quality clients and make great money from your business while also keeping your sanity and be able to experience a state of inner flow in the process?

Do you know that you’re running a great business or have a great business dream, but you’re just not doing what you need to be doing to take it to the next level and profits?

Fed up of spinning in your wheels and not able to monetise your passion the way that you know is possible?

Feeling overstretched and overwhelmed and want a qualified NLP Coach & Business Mentor for coaches and consultants to coach you over your inner limits and mentor you for coaching and business mastery?

Let me show you how you too can become a dynamic, fearless and highly-productive leader for your business and easily attract and enrol your dream clients using the right business and marketing structures and authentic selling skills:

FREE MINI COURSE: 10 Days to Consistent Coaching Clients & Big Juicy Pay Days! Learn how I booked 24 discovery calls in just 7 days.

My private coaching work takes care of YOU and your BUSINESS. You’ll learn my proven tools and strategies that will get you from stuck and overwhelmed to being focussed and productive and you’ll learn impactful sales and marketing skills so that you can start to make great money from your dream business.

As a result of working with me you’ll be able to build your business fast and sustainably (no more breakdowns and yo-yo results), so that you get to reap all of the rewards of running your own business:

  • We’ll get you a crystal clear vision for your business and an action plan unique for your business and life
  • We’ll bust through all your inner limits (using NLP and Meta Dynamics™) so that you’ll actually put your plan into action (get ready to say farewell to procrastination)
  • We’ll get you getting paid what you’re worth, feeling great about making money and overcoming all your un-resourceful money beliefs
  • We’ll get you attracting and enrolling quality clients who really want to work with you.
  • We’ll package your expertise into irresistible signature offerings that your dream clients will love
  • We’ll put into place highly converting lead funnel that brings you a constant stream of new clients
  • We’ll get you conducting sales conversation with confidence and ease – sales conversations that covert
  • We’ll stop your inner bitch from running the show and enter YOU as the powerful, fearless leader for your business
  • We’ll get you working effectively so that it saves you time and gives you more time for the things that you love outside of your work


My clients are women who want to make a contribution in the world though their passion fuelled work as life coaches, health coaches, multi level marketing consultants, photographers, fitness and health professionals, designers, brand consultants, web developers and artists to name just a few. They all share a desire to live abundantly and in a flow while knowing that their dream business supports them instead of vice versa.

They are women who are not prepared to settle for anything less than extraordinary in business and life.


Women who know that NOW is the time to take real action towards their dreams, because they know that who they are being today is directly shaping their tomorrow.

Women who are ready to SUPERCHARGE THEIR BUSINESS by unlocking and decoding what’s been keeping them playing a small game.

Women who want to rock their soul based business and be abundantly rewarded for the incredible work they do.

Women who know that external accountability, mentoring and coaching is a key ingredient in being a successful business owner and entrepreneur.

Women who want to become Masterful Coaches themselves, so that they never have to feel unsure of what to ask in a coaching session or how to help their clients create results.

You can also read more about working with me in person by clicking here.