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How to build a thriving business amongst challenges (read my story…)

With all the out of the door successes and dream biz highlight reels around us I’ve been thinking I want to share a bit more about my personal life with you…to use my journey to share with you that, yes you can absolutely be building, and living, your dream life even when life’s throwing you curveballs and challenges.
It’s kinda funny. Because I’m someone who really fully embraces the truth that the more I take responsibility for the things that are happening in my life (instead of being at the effect of things) the better life and my results get, this also means that I really don’t come to my newsletters or social media to process my life. I found that doing that, although it gave me instant connection and love from my friends (which of course is beautiful and I cherish deeply), I still always felt that I didn’t really SHIFT things, my perspective and my behaviour, as a result of it. 
And on the contrary, as I take my “stuff” to my sessions with my coach, immediately after I have not only processed my issue, but made a full shift to my truth, my power (as a business owner, as a wife or whatever is needed)…and I m rocking and rolling again. So I’ve found that my sacred space to speak my truth and be my most vulnerable self is really in structured and high-vibrational sessions with my coach.
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But at the same time I’ve realised that I have current challenges in my life that you, my beautiful tribe, can really benefit from hearing about.
The message I have for you is that no matter the external wild success stories you may read in our highly visible online world, everybody goes through different challenges in life and at different times, no-one is immune to that, but as we learn a way of focussing on the truth and the potential of every situation, we really can learn a way to THRIVE through our challenges, even to FLIRT through our challenges as my coach put it last week! And so the need to focus on these challenges is less, and the time we can spend where it matters is a lot more. 
And as I thought about this, I felt that I need to be sharing with you my journey not only with it’s current triumphs but also some of the challenges. What I do and how I conquer things in my entrepreneurial and personal life. And of course the focus is always absolutely on how I get to create my dream life in the process(where else right??), but revealing more of the behind the scenes journey that ain’t always so pretty.
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Okay – do tell Serena, I hear you ask…
Some of you might know from a blog a while back that my darling husband has a permanent neck injury, a disc prolapse in C5/C6, if you want the the fancy name. It was a recent injury when we met, and he was very much learning to live with it, and really believed (still does!) that he can learn to master it. He was on a high from love (and a lot of yoga, that’s how we met too on a yoga retreat) and really did a very good job at staying in his strength and really not wanting to worry me with his pain. That was 3 1/2 years ago (when we met that is) and since then getting married and living together, well, let’s just say that the reality of his injury has really opened up to, actually, both of us.
He’s often in a lot pain, though every day is different and we have good days and weeks too…and then we have some crappy days and weeks. The unpredictability of it is one of the hardest ones to deal with. So what this means is that he’s medically retired because he can never run his soul-based biz in branding and marketing anymore (impossible to sit for hours or work to tight deadlines). That’s tough for any man, yet alone for a man who’s wife is a bit of a high-achiever and a true entrepreneurial spirit with big dreams and goals 😉 While I’m working and building my biz, he needs a lot of time to rest and often has to take heavy duty painkillers that really aren’t conducive for work.
As you remember, we recently moved to Byron Bay, the spiritual heart of Australia. There’s a really powerful healing energy here with massive belts of obsidian crystal underfoot, and Byron has has been a place for healing for over 20,000 years and hence is an energetic vortex great for healing and manifestation! We miss our friends in Sydney (love ya all), but are creating new one’s here too, and also, with the freedom through my coaching biz our vision is to fly down to Sydney every few months, and also spend a good month in Europe with my family every summer. So lot’s of cool stuff amongst this not so cool stuff.
So though I’ve got amazing strength in me today and a beautiful thriving business and clients who light me up every single day, life for me is not always rosy and the last year has been at times incredibly challenging. I can admit that Living with Deryck’s pain has been a major personal challenge for me and of course for us a couple. Plus it means that when I started my business, it wasn’t enough to be any old hobby business, my income is key for us as a family. And then on the flip side D is awesomely supportive and my biggest raving fan, he never questions my business investment decisions and believes in me wholeheartedly. We’re a good team.
Our move has been a fabulous new adventure amongst all this “life stuff” and Byron really is Australia at it’s best. We are so blessed to have created a life that allows us beauty, stunning beaches at our doorstep, delicious plant based food in abundance, a cool bohemian vibe, a cracking new yoga school, a school that Elvis loves and tons of new mates for him, and the most gifted healers around. Plus we are now only an hours drive from Deryck’s specialist, whereas before he had to get on a plane regularly to see him. I do miss my girlfriends in Sydney and the entertainment of a big city, but as you can see that’s all taken care of in our big bold vision!
So this year, as much as it’s been massive growth and many many highlights in my business, there’s been a lot of surrender, acceptance and need for flexibility and creativity behind the scenes. The biggest realisation I’ve gotten, and the one that I want to leave with you today, is that the answers and solutions (actually for everything) are found in the surrender and being, instead of control and forcing. Instead of reacting to the challenges (=fear) by forcing the end result you want and how you get there, just try exactly the opposite.
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Just see what happens when you decide to move through your challenges by embracing your feminine energy and vulnerability instead. By tapping into your life energy, your creativity, flexibility and flow for the answers and solutionsJust see how things start to unfold by actually leaning into the fear and challenges and by even flirting with the challenges, and being open to the the journey unfolding in surprising ways instead of trying to force a certain outcome because you think that is the only way. The more you learn to approach life from this place, the better life can get.
And now get ready to manifest your dream business and life just like I have, even amongst the challenges!
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FREE MINI COURSE: 10 Days to Consistent Coaching Clients & Big Juicy Pay Days! Learn how I booked 24 discovery calls in just 7 days.

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