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You’ll most likely have heard that in nature everything that’s not growing, is dying.

We are no exception. It’s the same for us. And so I just loved this new spin on the same concept but reworded to the title of this blog post; “Nature never settles, and so shouldn’t we.”

I love it, because it’s telling us that we really have one primary purpose in life, and yes it feels like a cliché (and as we’re doing this mindset stuff in style at we don’t like clichés do we?!) and yet in this case it’s just so bloody true; our primary purpose in life really is to become a better and better version of ourselves. Yikes, I’ve said it!

The extraordinary modern spiritual teacher, Neale Donald Walsch, puts this same concept just so damn beautifully, when he describes what he believes is the purpose of life: “to re create yourself a new, in the grandest version, of the greatest vision you ever held of who you are.” Every day, our responsibility is to grow, to re-create ourselves as divinity. To experience ourselves as divinity. As LOVE. It gives me the chills just thinking about this. Can you feel it? And what would our lives be like if we truly made a commitment to learn how to do this, and not settle?

It took me till my early thirties to start grasping this concept. In fact, I was settled for quite some time before I drummed up the courage to really live again (because as children we of course know how to do this, and do this well, and then we somehow loose it, if we don’t continue to learn about life and surround us with a likeminded tribe).

Like many of you, I was stuck in a draining corporate job that didn’t align with my values anymore. I was in a 10-year relationship that was so settled that all life had been sucked out of it. And so, and here’s the cool thing, I started feeling more and more unsettled as the time went by. It felt unnatural to have stopped growing. And that was a good thing. Deep down I knew I wanted to have, and could (if I got my sh*t together) have much, MUCH more out of life.

And so a few big decisions had to be made and I was single again, in a new home, in a new city (err…continent) and even a new promotion to top it off. Things were moving again. And movement felt good. (Remember, clarity comes through movement, through action. Lack of clarity is often lack of action!) And that was the beginning of a freaken amazing journey that I’m on right now, and that I’ll explore with you much more in this year to come. Because there is sooooo much I want to share with you (my own eat/pray/love moment, my new love and stepson, my wild and crazy wedding and what the heck the stars had to do with it, all the juicy behind the scenes stories for building and marketing a coaching business, fashion and beauty “stuff” (because you can take the girl out of the fashion industry but you can’t take fashion out of her life, no!) and of course most importantly I want to share with you the wonderful world of self development and personal coaching, NLP, Meta Dynamics…Oh I’ve got some cool stuff coming your way!

Okay so the message I want you to take away from this article is that we need change, action, growth to live a meaningful life, life that’s full of joy and adventure in the way of course that fits in with who you are. We aren’t all free spirits living out of a suitcase. Some of us love our daily modern luxuries too much. We wanna do this the way it’s just right for you. Whether you are, or aren’t a world traveler.

And now I’d love to know on the comments below, what’s just one action you can take to create more positive change in your life, to stop settling and start expanding?



FREE MINI COURSE: 10 Days to Consistent Coaching Clients & Big Juicy Pay Days! Learn how I booked 24 discovery calls in just 7 days.

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