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Thanks for Serena’s support and guidance I’ve very quickly built an amazing coaching business. I made 4 sales just today at $4500 USD each! I only started coaching with Serena 2 months ago and our session each week is my favourite hour of the week. Sensible advice, sound knowledge and a lovely person. I’d highly recommend Serena to anyone who needs help getting started or aiming for more ambitious targets. I’ve hit over $50k this month thanks to our coaching.”

Sophie Howard | Amazon Business Coach
Working with Serena has given me the confidence to begin to build a stellar coaching business. Her knowledge in this area is extensive, due to her own commitment to keep up with whats current and viable in the industry. Because of this, I have found her guidance invaluable, beneficial, clear and insightful. Serena cares about my success and her heartfelt approach supports me in creating my dream business.  
Zaklina Stojceski | Mind Body Coach

In the short time I have worked with Serena incredible things have happened in my business, including hitting my first $17K month! Not only is she an amazing person but I have found that building my business with her support has certainly taken working smarter not harder to a different level.Together we set up a powerful automated sales funnel that brings in 3+ discovery calls a week which makes getting clients a seamless process. I also went from having 1 client in February to hitting my target of 5 after implementing the strategies we discussed.  I would highly recommend working with Serena.

Vanessa Hallick | Mindset and Business Coach
There is something amazing about Serena‘s calm, nurturing and yet dynamic nature that was exactly what I needed at this stage in my business journey. She both challenges and supports me in a way that means I’m forced to consider new ways of thinking and doing, but feel totally supported at the same time. I’m making bigger and better decisions for my business and I just celebrated my best ever month!


Holly MacCue | Career Success Coach |

Serena really walks her talk as a coach. I love that what she teaches is what she is successfully executing in her own business – tested tactics to grow your following and client numbers. And she is very generous in sharing her knowledge and resources. I came to Serena at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed by my to do list and struggling to decide what to focus on next. That all changed when we commenced our coaching. Coaching with Serena is very outcome focussed! Serena is a gorgeous soul but also business savvy – the perfect combo really.

Felicity Watson | Personal Branding and Communication Coach. |

My goodness, Serena, I’m so amazed at all the information you’ve been sharing with me since I’ve started private coaching with you. THIS is what I’ve been hoping for when hiring a coach. Thank you for never holding back and taking me through building my business step by step. Happy dance over here!




Before working with Serena I really struggled with knowing how to prioritise tasks in my business. I was constantly procrastinating and felt like I was getting nowhere. In business it can be difficult to find people who GET IT and having Serena’s support has been a game-changer! Since working with Serena I have a lot more confidence in myself, my abilities and my business which has not only seen my business grow but every aspect of my life now feels in alignment with who I truly am. I’ve launched a new one-on-one coaching package as well as a 14-day list-building challenge and a 6-week online group program. I highly recommend that any business owner works with a coach that is going to push you, challenge you and help you gain confidence and clarity for you to thrive and I can guarantee Serena will! Pushing through the financial fear and choosing to invest in myself and my business has taught me that the magic happens when you take that leap. Since that moment, the things I wanted most have come with ease and I know now it’s because I’m now living my truth.

Erin Reghenzani (6 Month VIP Client) | Mind Detox Therapist & Life Coach | 

Only 6 weeks into coaching with Serena I have launched a high-end 1:1 program and I have already sold 4  – which means I have made over $8k. When you are held accountable and you come out of a call feeling inspired and with a clear action plan in mind things happen quickly. When you invest in yourself and your business your perspective changes, you work harder and you’re more motivated. I am achieving my goals and actually doing what I want to be doing (and making money doing so!). The best part about working together is that I have someone to talk to and Serena actually cares, she is someone who has experienced things I have and who has great advice to give. I would also say the change I have noticed is having more confidence around my ability as a coach in general.

Ashleigh Ryan (6 Month VIP Client) | The Online Marketing Mentor |

I had done everything that I knew to build momentum in my business. My motivation and productivity were at an all time low because I felt lost and confused. After working with Serena for just 3 months I now have a clear engagement process that attracts new clients to my business and the system is repeatable with infinite possibilities. I successfully delivered a webinar with 92 registrants and booked 2 new private clients from that making $6500 so I have already doubled my investment in sales. My partner has more confidence in my business success than he ever had. I have 3 brand new opt-ins that I thought would take weeks to make, but Serena guided me to work quickly and effectively – accountability is key. The sooner you invest the better! The longer you wait, the longer it will be until you become successful.  Nothing can boost a business more than having a great coach.

Stephanie Wasylyk (3 Month VIP Client) | Business Coach for Holistic Health Practitioners |

Working with Serena has been incredibly powerful for me. Serena taught me how to handle objections with ease and grace so that I can help my clients get the results they are looking for in business and life. I went from being nervous and uncomfortable with the sales conversation to really enjoying the process. My closing rate has doubled in just two months and my business is flourishing!

Kristen Allen (6 Month VIP Client) | Business Coach |

I had been hesitating working with a coach as I was very new in my coaching business and was not sure what to expect. Well I can say there was absolutely nothing to fear as Serena met me right where I was at. So far she has helped me get very clear about my niche and ideal customer, create great copy, and I’m already fully booked with 7 clients! I am now list-building and learning facebook marketing and preparing for my first ever webinar launch. She has always been very good helping me move through my resistance by giving me the space and love I needed but at the same time the push to keep moving forward. She is a wonderful coach to work with!

Chantal Hewko (3 month VIP Client) | Empowerment Coach |

I had the whole day to dissect every part of my business and be able to bring it together with clarity and direction, leaving me with action steps so that I know where to go next, I know what my business is going to do, and I know how to do it, and why. The highlight was really looking at my packages and being able to talk to Serena about what it was that I feel like I want to offer to my clients and Serena being able to put it together for me in a way that I can now present it to them. I now have something that I can sell! On a personal level being able to talk about fear of success and fear of stepping into my business and looking at that in a different light. That was unexpected because I’ve always looked at it in a different light – get rid of it, don’t embrace it, but obviously embracing it is the real way to look at it – that was really key. Also the sales funnel, is something that’s new and I had no idea about but now I understand the processes of it and where it’s going to be placed in my business. You get a whole day to immerse in yourself. All the questions that can come up, they get answered, so you can see the bigger picture of everything by having a whole day intensive. You can relax and you can go deep with your passions and the way you feel you need to work. This is a perfect environment for it. And in such a beautiful surrounding and home – it’s kind of being on a mini a mini working holiday!

Tiffany Anderson (Private Intensive Client) | Baby Solutions Specialist |

HEY, I got that client! I know that it’s because of our coaching that I’m working with Cxx (earnings: $2,547) and now Axx (at my newly priced premium package! earnings: $3200). There’s sooooo much more from your one-on-one support. Thanks to you, I had my most profitable month ever in my business and in my personal life I traveled alone for the first time ever by taking an epic 2-week trip to Europe, like I had been dreaming about for quite some time!

Nat FB shout out new

Natalia Real (6 Month VIP Client) | Website Superhero |

In just 3 months of working with Serena I am now full time in my new coaching business. Serena has helped me overcome my fear, build my confidence and develop wealth consciousness to be able to attract clients and also to learn from mistakes and bounce back without beating myself up. She has helped me create my new website, find my ideal customer, get really clear on what I do, why I do it and to articulate that to others. She has also helped me on the sales side to run discovery sessions and both of them came through! I love Serena’s style, which is nurturing and supportive but also has the ability to challenge me and hold me to a higher bar and hold me accountable. She is also a fantastic role model in how she operates and invests in her own business. I highly recommend working with Serena to anyone who wants to make their dreams a reality and have a fantastic coach along the way.

Louise Taylor (12 Month VIP Client) | Transformational Coach |

I came to Serena because I was just…. stuck!  (in a few ways)  I knew what to do about it too… I just wasn’t doing it.  It’s hard to describe the realisation of an unthinkable task, or uncomfortable situation, or a process that feels plainly not doable… becoming easy, clear and achievable – it’s an incredible feeling of freedom, excitement, confidence and certainty I’m enjoying, thanks to her skills as a coach and her loving and intuitive nature.  Coaching with Serena is, startling, eye opening, filled with “ahah!” and “….oh geeeeez” – while sometimes challenging to be sure…  it is always safe, accepting and personal.

Cate Kemp (6 Month VIP Client) | Small Business Financial Ops |
Serena helped me see the truth in where I was going wrong, and how to start to get back on track. I felt that was just spinning my wheels. She helped me to see it was my lack of clarity in my message (and that that was definitely fixable!). She also helped to remind me of my personal power. She provided the space for growth and direction for the action that I needed. Her kind and direct approach allows me to move ahead in the direction of my dream business.
Shelby Brown | Transformational Life Coach |

One of the best decisions in my life is making contact with Serena. I knew how to be a homeopathic practitioner – but to start a business and do things that would bring in clients was my biggest block. I now have clarity, focus and I have clear packages to sell and know how to sell them. Serena also always knows how to allow you to get the most out of yourself and flip your way of thinking. I think everyone should have Serena in their life!!

Andrea Moffat | Andrea Moffat | Homeopath

It’s simple, Serena Sandstrom is one of the most powerful success coaches for women around. If you want to learn to sell more of what you do and get paid more for it, in a way that feels natural and authentic, then working with Serena is a must.

Jane Copeland | Sale Funnel Whiz + Online Business Mentor |

I’ve been able to redefine my existing services, create new services and take my business online with a new website with new with my exciting services. Serena helped me put together a very clear action plan that I was able to follow and action on a daily basis. Serena also helped me with my personal boundaries and how to make sure that I wasn’t continually overstepping the mark on the work side. I also wanted to look at creating an online course and Serena having done that before, her guidance with that has just been invaluable.

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Julie Cartwright (6 Month VIP Client) | Owner & Interior Designer |

Serena, working with you as my Business Coach for Style Angel over the last 3 months has turned my styling business around completely! I am beyond excited to launch my first Style Angel book tomorrow as I am setting myself up to work with Personal Styling Clients all over the world. You have broadened my horizon so much and you have asked the hard questions. Thank You!!

Angela Barbagallo (3 Month VIP Client) | Founder and Stylist |

I have made major shifts since coaching with Serena. Through setting boundaries I now have the ability to say ‘no’ when needed. This has made a huge difference in scheduling my week and putting the priorities right, so that I can reach my goals quicker.  I’ve gone from thinking I had to ‘manage’ my team to ‘Leading’ my team. I have grown so much and my belief in myself is so strong that NO ONE can put a dent in my certainty. Talking about my business is becoming effortless…this was a HUGE setback for me for many years and Serena and I have done a lot of work to help me through this fear. I now go out with excitement and so curious to who I’ll meet to share this wonderful opportunity with and I have also put the right value on my business and myself. My entire organisation has grown and we consistently have had a 15-20% increase every month in both sponsoring and sales. My cheque is growing month on month and I am on target to reach my goals that Serena and I have put in place by the deadline dates.

Keti Whitmee (6 Month VIP Client) | NVP, Arbonne | Arbonne

Serena provides incredible coaching work. From the realisations to the actionable items we’d end every session with, our work together has been key in helping me transition to the next level in my life and launch my vocal coaching business and website. Serena gets right to the core of what’s holding you back. I feel greater sense of ease in my life as well as much more confidence in building my business.

Nadia Hosko Testimonial smaller

Nadia Hosko (3 Month VIP Client) | Singer & Vocal Coach | www.

Since working with Serena I’ve experienced monumental shifts and pushed myself out of my comfort zone much more than I thought I was capable of doing. Serena knows the right questions to ask (or buttons to push!) and is a fantastic mix of being the straight-up firm coach who will challenge you to stretch yourself, yet is equally balanced with being able to bring the right level of support, compassion and understanding to help with navigating change plagued by fear and self-doubt.

Rachel Gadiel (3 Month VIP Client) | Digital Strategist & Blogger | www.

I’m clever, goal driven and with a huge desire to succeed but like a lot of female entrepreneurs, I was riddled with doubts and overwhelmed by what needed to be done. Serena helped me spot the blue bits in the washing powder – you know – they are the magic bits that make your washing clean – or in this case – the truly important things that needed to be sorted to enable me to move forward. She helped me unpack my corporate persona to become more in tune with my feelings and connect with the real needs of my clients. She helped me realise that small successes need to be celebrated if I was to endure the long road to success. We explored practical strategies from sales language, social media strategies, goal setting and planning but we also unearthed internal blockages and fears that were stopping me from really stretching myself.

Marcia Ward (3 Month VIP Client) | District Manager, Arbonne

With Serena’s coaching and accountability I began to actively work on fixing business issues with a seriousness of actually running my business as a career path. I also have started working on communication and sales skills. I have worked out my goals for this year, formalised my fee structure & have started putting more value on my worth. I now know that when I tell my clients my services and what they cost, I truly believe that I can help them with their ‘problems’ and they will get more than they expected. I am closing more effectively as a result of this.

Sandhya Sunil (3 Month VIP Client) | Landscape Designer & Owner |

She Business smaller

Suzy Jacobs | Founder |

I have been working closely with Serena for over 6 months were primary goals were to sharpen my leadership skills and increase the quality of my clients and business prospects.  During this time Serena worked closely with me to uncover the blockages that had prevented me from taking my business to the next level. Sitting here today, 6 months down the track, I’m thrilled at the direction that my business is going.  My leadership has strengthened significantly and the quality of clients and business prospects I now attract has improved.

Olga Naumovski (6 Month VIP Client) | NVP, Arbonne | SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA | www.OLGANAUMOVSKI.MYARBONNE.COM.AU

A complete transformation of my business, making it more profitable, more effective and transitioning myself from doing everything to leading my business. This has changed my role and set me up to be doing what I am really passionate about in our business. It has also freed me to be able to step out and rely on our now stellar team members. I couldn’t have done this without Serena’s effective coaching to ensure we achieved exactly what was needed in the time frame. Her coaching method is extremely effective and practical yet very personal and intuitive as well. She was able to pull out the biggest challenges I was facing, then address them one by one. As a result our business is already growing and as the business owner my role has changed significantly for the better. 

Brianna Vidal (3 Month VIP Client) | Affinity Marketing |

Hello beautiful women! I never, ever do this… But today I would LOVE to give the most massive shout out and heartfelt thanks to the extraordinary Serena Sandstrom. I just completed a session with her this morning and to receive the insight, value and shifts that I did in just 1 hour is AMAZING. I have done a TONNE of work – coaching, soul-searching, belief-obliterating, healing, etc. and Serena was STILL able to KNOW me within just a short space of time; isolate THE issue and then NAIL it…. She really HEARD me… really GOT me… I cannot commend her enough or recommend her work more highly! I look forward to seeing what becomes of the seeds we planted today, or more so the space created by the weeds we extracted today. Powerful work…. I am very grateful – Thank you Serena.

Bridget Jane Thompson | Founder |

I’m a different person since I started working with Serena. Selling was something that I had never done before, and Serena helped me break the business down into smaller pieces and build confidence in each one of the selling aspects. She gave me the skills to handle the objections, not to take them personally and ways to increase my energy levels and overcome the fear of making calls. I was terrified of speaking in front of people, but with her coaching I was able to host presentations with confidence and enjoy doing them. We have worked on developing relationships with prospects and finding ways to expand my network and talk to complete strangers. Serena has been an absolute blessing in my life. She has a warm but firm way of guiding you in the right direction, helping you achieve your goals and commit to the action that you need to do.

Katie Shields (6 Month VIP Client) | Executive District Manager, Arbonne

Michelle Hookham She Biz testimonial_2

The minute I started taking positive action and planning, bookings just flowed. I had about 10 new clients in the few weeks leading up to Xmas. I feel so empowered and inspired!

Michelle Hookham (6 Month VIP Client) | Hills Homeopathy |

Where shall I start? Meeting and having the privilege to work with Serena has without any doubt added significant value to my life and how I now approach things in both my thoughts and actions. At the time that Serena was coaching me I was experiencing several, what I considered to be ‘roadblocks’ which were particularly challenging on a number of levels and were weighing me down. Serena has a real skill in being able to breakdown, simplify and rationalise confronting and difficult scenarios and offer realistic and achievable outcomes. I came away from all our sessions feeling stronger, much less stressed and I believed in myself that I could overcome my challenges. Serena has an amazing gift of being able to look at the here and now and be really present and committed to the task at hand. She has a very special aura about her, which is gentle, engaging, genuinely caring and positive. I’m so grateful for all she has contributed to my life so far and looking forward to continuing that relationship on my life journey.

Rebecca Henwood (3 month vip client) | Director, The Living Edge Advisory | Sydney, Australia

Serena really changed my perception of what sales was all about. My perception was that I needed to be pushy and convince the other party to buy. Serena helped me see it more as a conversation between two people – me, being the person who had something that the other person needed and wanted. Suddenly the conversation became very different. I was able to find my own style and be authentic and was far from the image I first had in mind. This gave me huge confidence to move forward.

Claire Hewitson | 3 Month VIP Client

When you actually take the time to invest in yourself and focus on what you want you’ll be surprised at what can surface. Serena helped me prepare me for my biggest challenge to date, setting up my own business. This was overwhelming but with new clarity and simple methods I’m now feeling amazing, positive, able and have a structure that keeps me accountable. Thank you so much Serena, I loved every second.

Gee Jajodia | Health Coach |

I now find myself fully energised, attracting new clients and consultants to join my team.  I find it easy to have conversations with prospects in an authentic and comfortable way.  My confidence levels have increased so much that I decided to leave the corporate world for good and am successfully balancing family life with my Arbonne business. I am now living my dream, I am living in the moment, I am imagining and creating a magnificent future for me and my precious family. If you are seeking self-improvement to help you realise your full potential and are prepared to be true to yourself and embrace the journey, Serena will help you achieve this.

Gina Bernard Tambasco (3 Month VIP Client) | District Manager, Arbonne

After working with Serena I am purposefully productive and re-focussed on goals of my own. I’m re-inspired! I now plan what needs to be done in a way that is much more impactful than before and I’m feeling back in control of my lovingly busy life! Serena had some wonderful probing questions to bring out information that was floating around me. She had some truly awesome tools that helped me bring my massive passion and numerous ideas into a format that got me clear and organised. I would highly recommend coaching with Serena. If you’re feeling lost, overwhelmed and need some clarity she will be able to help you find what you need and keep you accountable to the changes you’re committed to!

Arienne Gorlach | Life Designer & Coach | Sydney, Australia |

Serena has helped me upgrade my coaching business to a high level, faster than I would have ever dreamed possible! I’ve cracked my first $10K month in 3 months. She helped me cultivate a positive money mindset so I could raise my prices, identify my ideal customer, create a standout first package and create a seamless online sales funnel. Serena is an incredibly supportive coach, who helps you build your business by providing high-level support and resources. She is a gem!

Mona Lisa Ondevilla | Success Coach for Intuitive Women & Entrepreneurs |

I approached Serena for coaching to get my health back on track in my personal life and to create my own coaching business. Serena really made me change the way I view things in life. Changing old thought patterns can be challenging, however coaching with Serena has helped me take a whole new approach to life and to tackling difficult situations. I have learnt how to think in a way that gets me taking action, which then gives me my results, all the while staying positive through challenges. I loved working with Serena, she is positive, encouraging, non-judgemental and most importantly was my biggest cheerleader. I love Serena’s honesty and ability to tell it how it is in the most loving way.  I looked forward to our conversations and the new and exciting things I would learn with every session. As a result of working with Serena I have been able to put plans and processes in place to reach my goals for 2015.  She helped me to launch my new coaching business and website. I cannot recommend Serena highly enough.

Cristina San Martin (3 month vip client) | Heart Conversationalist |

When I first met Serena I my self-esteem was very low and my self-worth was non-existent. I had become dependent on the approval of others, and any negative would be devastating to me. I knew why I behaved the way I did, I just didn’t know how to change it. Together we were able to create new ways to recognise triggers and change the patterns of my behaviour. Serena has taught me how to be aware of and trust my own intuition, to follow my gut feelings. Today not only have I set boundaries, I actually stay within them!! I love working with Serena and feel a genuine connection. The sessions are very interactive, but she somehow leads me to find the answers from within. We don’t dwell on the past or dissect it endlessly, I’ve spent many years doing that. We work on recognising the events of the past and adapting ways of creating a positive and fulfilling future.

Donna Booth | 3 Month VIP Client

Serena made me feel so comfortable right from the start, she has a beautiful energy and a real passion to help get to the bottom of what I needed to work through. Serena helped me find the confidence to take specific steps in my business development, to feel more confident in myself as a person and as a business professional. I still use tools and techniques we practised in my sessions when I feel that I need an extra boost of energy and confidence. Serena has a special way of connecting, which made me feel comfortable and enabled me to learn and achieve.

Lauren Callaghan | Photographer | Sydney, Australia |

I just love Serena’s open spirit. So much so that I call Serena my inner crystal! As a friend, Serena has been a constant light of positivity, happiness and encouragement to me. Serena’s self-belief, wicked sense of humour and love of life makes people drawn to her wanting to know her secret. The secret is, she approaches life without restraint. A lesson in self-love, Serena shows us how it can be done.

Lucienne Whealing | Womenswear Fashion Buyer | Sydney, Australia