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How was your holiday break?!? I really hope you got to experience some totally fun stuff and some complete re-charge ‘you’ time too.

Mine was truly blissful for 3 full weeks and then I’ve been super busy re-connecting with my one-on-one clients, creating and running a workshop and starting a high-level 8-week online biz creation mastermind with a mentor who’s one of the most respected names in online wealth creation in Australia and who only works with 10 women at a time at this level. It’s the most intimate and intense group-coaching program I’ve been part of and it’s started my year with a BANG!

And you know what was a really cool experience about the first week of that work?

It was for me, who lives and breathes personal development, to go back to the basics, to the core fundamentals of dream life creation by diving deep into the two very first, fundamental questions we need to ask ourselves in order to create what we want.

I realise it had been a while I had visited these questions properly because I’d been in a total action mode (till the holiday that is J) and thought I for sure knew what I wanted. But actually taking the time to explore this in detail and with a total blank canvas and a dreamer’s hat on, I was able to create totally new level of clarity and focus for 2014 and for exactly how I wanted my first online program to be like, which is one of my top 3 goals for this year.

And so in this weeks post I wanted to encourage you to explore these questions with me, to make sure you’re as aligned in going after your dreams via those pegs is the sand called goals, as possible.

So let’s do it.

1. What do you want?

If you don’t know what you want, then you can’t have it. You must create the most vivid vision for your life and get really, really clear and detailed how exactly you want it. The reason why writing it down in a journal or creating a vision board works so well is because in the process you get to dream and decide what it is that you are going to go after. What it is, that’s most important to you. It really is like programming it into your car’s GPS; if you don’t have a clear destination the system can’t work out the route for you. So tell me, can you say with absolute conviction that you’ve spent enough time on this first and most fundamental question?

PS. I mean this to the best degree that you can, I get that some of us are still very much exploring this very question and that’s a good thing…to spend tons of time really figuring out what you want your dream life to look like. The more in detail you know what you want, the more steps you’ll start taking towards it, which means the more clarity you’ll get to refine it and the closer you get to the ultimate end result.

2. Why do you want that?

You must be able to answer this from a really deep, emotionally charged place, because it’s this Why that becomes your passion, your leverage, your reason to do whatever it takes. It’s this Why that’s going to get you to a space inside that allows you to persevere, to be so damn fully committed to your vision, your dreams, that nothing will stop you. Every time you think or feel its just too hard, your How has become bigger than your Why. When your Why is big enough, your How will come. Having a big enough Why is the key to unlock procrastination too, because procrastination means your Fears have become bigger than your Why.

Can you see how understanding your Why is so important?

And it needs to be bigger than yourself, because, as harsh as it may sound, your life is not about you. You were not sent on this planet to figure out what you want for yourself. You were sent to serve others, as a gift to others. Your purpose is not about you. When you take care of other people’s dreams, your dreams get taken care of, and that’s a really important principle to own in order to be allowed into your dream life.

So take 30mins this week and ask yourself: What do I want and why do I want that? And what will it give me when I have that? And what’s that then going to give me? And ultimately what am I looking for? What’s the absolute highest purpose of having all of this? Remember, it’s not about you 😉


FREE MINI COURSE: 10 Days to Consistent Coaching Clients & Big Juicy Pay Days! Learn how I booked 24 discovery calls in just 7 days.

Serena Sandstrom is a Success and Business Coach for Coaches and Consultants.

Serena works with her clients to achieve personal, business and coaching mastery through strategic business planning, overcoming inner limits and cultivating wealth consciousness.

Serena is the creator of Coaches MBA, a 6 month training program for early stage coaches and The Art of Impactful Selling, a 6-week self study program in sales skills and wealth consciousness.

Serena also works with a limited number of 1:1 coaching clients for those desiring the highest level of support and mentoring to build a 6-figure coaching business.