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The Secret to Being a Successful Entrepreneur, BEFORE You’ve Got Millions in the Bank!

As you might have seen hubby and I took off to Fiji for a week of total R&R just recently. It was, in many ways, totally frivolous since we have also just flown to Europe for the whole of July. We are in Finland, my other home country, and it’s totally awesome to be hanging out with my family and my bestie and my whole tribe!

But can a responsible newish business owner really take so much time out from their business?! Or even if you think that I can because I have my shiz more together that you do (just remember I’m not a multi 6-figure coach yet and I spend a fortune on my personal and professional development), would you allow yourself to receive the gift of time to reward and celebrate all the passionate hard work that you’ve been putting in, say since Christmas?

I just know that for a lot of women like you and I it’s a ‘no’. And that sucks my dear, because if you’re not taking care of yourself and enjoying yourself, then how can you take care of others, which could be your family, your clients, your team and so on?

Here’s the thing  Gorgeous- I do have a lot of shiz that is together. And that’s my skills in Self Leadership, which is what I teach too. And a big part of being a successful entrepreneuress is to know when to push and when to pull. To know how to manage the masculine and the feminine, the Yin and the Yang, of being in business. When it’s time to hit hard, burn the midnight oil for several nights on end and even sacrifice your own personal wellbeing routine to a degree for the outcome in sight (this was me through April and May) and when it’s time for celebration and reward and the nourishment of your soul.

The definition of success for me is this:      SUCCESS = ACHIEVEMENT + FULFILMENT

For the first part of 2014 I’ve been focussed on achievement and now it’s time to focus on the fulfilment. This is my personal style. I prefer to push hard and have laser tight focus for weeks and months, and then I like to take a really good break. Your natural style can be shorter bursts of achievement and fulfilment and that is very cool. In fact it’s in many ways better, because you continuously condition your neurology to want to work hard for the reward that’s round the corner, plus with this style it’s much easier to skip exhaustion. I was pretty spent end of May and early June and though I lovelovelove my biz, my mind was longing for not to have to think for a good few days…which is why we booked our fiji break on a very short notice. To respond to what I, as my most important asset, needed.

Are you taking good care of you, your most important ROI?

And you know, I also learn’t that as a driven entrepreneur 6 months really is too long without a break, which means that we have already blocked out a long weekend in mid november to go away somewhere for 4 or 5 days…to get us to our longer Xmas break with ease and enjoyment. I also know that because I work from home I need a complete change of scenery. Even for my instant shots of relaxation I book a massage in a day spa.

What’s do you need to give yourself to fully nourish and re-charge, so that you can be your best self as a woman and as a business owner? 

I just want to expand a little on this concept of celebration and reward. This concept comes from human behaviour psychology and we can teach our brain to want to work hard, to be able to make decisions and to not procrastinate. That’s another thing that I noticed before our break, I started to procrastinate, spend more time during the day on facebook than just my biz and social networking, leave my office a lot to go chat to Deryck on random stuff and so on. I just wasn’t able to stay focussed the way I know I can when I’m in peak emotional state. Because what happens is that if you hold off giving your brain the experience of reward and celebration for too long, you will get less and less effective and you won’t want to make those tough decisions or take risks. Why should your mind and body want to work and serve you, if there’s nothing for them…your subconscious mind would be asking ‘taking risks for what purpose’?! On the other hand, when you condition your brain to work in blocks of focussed action followed by reward and celebration, your productivity sky rockets and your mind and spirit will love it!

I use this same concept daily and weekly. For example, when I sit down to write a blog, I put my phone to silent, I close email I make sure I have a drink to keep me hydrated and then I write. And that’s all I do. Nothing else. I don’t get up until I’m finished. I stay focussed on achievement till I hit the final save. And then I go and make my favourite juice with some cheeky chocolate on the side and I have these while I do a burst of emails.

I do the same with coaching sessions, I coach on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday, and I work behind the scenes of my business on Tuesdays and Fridays. My mind really loves this structure of client facing work alternated with me beavering away with content creation and admin. My weekly action and fulfilment structure is that I work Monday to Friday without fail. I’m really strict with not scheduling personal appointments, such as say haircuts or coffee dates, on a weekday. And then I take weekends mostly off, though during a busier time I do work some saturdays too. But sundays are sacred, my reward, and about once a month I have a massage on sundays.

Another type of reward, when I’m feeling great and energetic but I want to acknowledge my fabulous efforts and hard work, is that I buy something nice for myself, I’m a girls girl through and through, so I might treat myself to new make up or order jewellery from my favourite designer Vanessa Mooney. This again conditions my mind to want to work hard! 

What would be a reward system that would work for you? Think of this for a day, for a week, for a month and for a year. Create a menu of options that you can choose from and then go and take focussed action and work hard towards your vision…knowing that your reward is just round the corner!

And most importantly – have FUN with this!


FREE MINI COURSE: 10 Days to Consistent Coaching Clients & Big Juicy Pay Days! Learn how I booked 24 discovery calls in just 7 days.

Serena Sandstrom is a Success and Business Coach for Coaches and Consultants.

Serena works with her clients to achieve personal, business and coaching mastery through strategic business planning, overcoming inner limits and cultivating wealth consciousness.

Serena is the creator of Coaches MBA, a 6 month training program for early stage coaches and The Art of Impactful Selling, a 6-week self study program in sales skills and wealth consciousness.

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